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Welcome To Munich

Are you planning to move to Munich or its surroundings?


Would you like to have support in order to find the right living environment?


Do you need help finding the appropriate school or kindergarten?


Do you wish to learn German or to improve it?


Do you require assistance dealing with German authorities?

We will find the living environment that exactly suits your needs and life-style!

CLIC is an Intercultural Integration Service with a focus on guaranteeing a personal support for foreign professionals and their families wishing to relocate to Munich and to facilitate a smooth transition in all aspects of everyday life.


CLIC does not only help with getting over the red tape but also offers special language training for dealing with local authorities.

Local Authorities Service

The service package will help you to get over the red tape. Some things need to be done as quickly as you arrive in Germany in order to facilitate an easy transition.

Official registration with local authorities such as:

Residence permit for you and your family members

  • Work permit - Contracts and regulations
  • Tax declaration
  • Opening a bank account
  • All about insurance matters - household, personal liability, health insurance
  • Car registration
  • Pets
  • Social benefits such as childrens' allowance

Local Authorities Service


In an environment (city) where you are not acquainted with everyday life issues, we can give you a helping hand. Please ask for our help regarding the following topics:

  1. Which part of the city is the right one for you?
  2. School system and German Kindergarten in Munich.
  3. Games - Sports - Fun.
  4. Public Transportation .
  5. Medical facilities.

Language and Communication Service

In addition to the local authorities services we can help you to learn or to improve your German:

How to deal with German authorities:

  • German lessons with focus on communicating with local authorities provide you with the necessary knowledge of how the German administration system functions. Words, phrases and expressions typically used in administration will allow you to understand better which kind of information is required.

Everyday Life

  • Special language sessions for everyday life targeted to personal needs

Business German

  • German language sessions for Business in an intercultural context targeted to specific needs with focus on professionals

Language And Communication

About Me

Christiane Laudage



German (native), French (fluent), English (fluent), Portuguese (fluent), Mandarin Chinese (intermediate), Italian (basic), Spanish (basic), Greek (basic)


Since 2002 member of Sietar (Deutschland): Society for International Education, Training and Research

As an Intercultural Communication Professional with various experiences in general intercultural topics based on diverse international activities Christiane has not only over 20 years of experience in language training but also knows what difficulties can arise when you deal with a multi-cultural work environment. She graduated from the University in Mainz, Germany. During her career she was lucky enough to be able to combine language and cross-cultural communication skills, particularly focusing on how to integrate non-nationals into the German culture. Supporting you in all its facets of everyday life here in Germany is one of her core competencies. She is passionate about swimming, hiking, cycling, reading books and meeting people.


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